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OCTOBER 23-24, 2017


Picture this.

It’s just a couple years down the track. You’ve made quite the name for yourself. You’ve become a highly respected authority in your market. You’re constantly in demand for speaking engagements and sponsorships.

Companies and organizations will gladly pay top dollar to invite you to their events.

Television producers and magazine editors call upon you regularly for your advice and expertise. You may even have your own TV show, a syndicated column and a top-ranking podcast (or all three).

Put simply, you’re living a richer, fuller life… all on your own terms.

Sounds like a dream? It was for me…I was stuck between where my life actually was…and where I knew I could go.

But then the clouds parted.

And I learned what it took to strike gold in my industry: Write a top-notch book that earns the attention of the media and top influencers and leverage that book’s success to build your brand as the go-to expert in your field.

The TOP question I get asked from friends, colleagues and fans is –
Farnoosh, how did you become you?

In other words, how did you develop and grow your business and brand? How did you become a leading authority in your market?

For experts across all industries, there’s an insatiable appetite and desire to achieve more, better, greater. You want to help people – and as many people as possible. You know you have the skills, education and know-how to become trusted and influential thought leaders, coaches, speakers and consultants. You know you deserve a bigger paycheck.

You’re on the verge of greatness.

But you’re not sure how to get to the other side – the side where bigger and better opportunities are abundant.

You become frustrated when you witness others with less credibility, less creativity, less passion, excel in those ways. You hear about industry peers landing high-paying speaking gigs.

You flip on the Today Show and watch them share their perspectives and advice – and know you could have delivered better. You read their quotes in national press. You witness them land lucrative business opportunities.

And all the while you think, “Why not me?”

You know that you’re beyond capable of building a thriving business and personal brand.

But how, exactly?


I’ve totally asked myself all of the above and more. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to know you have a higher purpose in life. To want to help and connect with people on a bigger scale, on a more significant platform.

As a TV producer in my 20s covering the financial world, I was desperate to end my stressful work cycle that had me working 70, 80 hours per week for a company that was unapologetically demanding and greedy. And rude. And impatient. I was new on the job (and, admittedly, had my fare share of screw ups) but the tension, stress and belittling had gotten out of hand.

To top it off, I had been to the doctor four times in six months to discuss my severe stomach twists and turns, my light-headedness and constant fatigue…all side-effects of being sleep-deprived, malnourished and anxiety-ridden.   “Oh you work in news,” the docs kept telling me. “It’s par for the course.”


I knew I had to pay my dues, but this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

I wanted out.

My ultimate dream was to teach everyday people how to transform their financial lives. Not reading earnings reports and writing stories about inflation and gross domestic product.

But by becoming a trusted financial expert who could show Americans how to live their richest, happiest lives. I wanted to travel around the country and share my advice, be in front of large crowds and speak from the heart. I wanted to make an impact. Big time.

After all, others were doing it. Why not me?

What did these people have that I didn’t? I had a great education, a strong reporting grip on all things business and money. I was passionate and extremely hard-working. What was missing? And how long was I going to have to wait to get my break?

The answer was literally flying
in my face every day.

As a producer in New York City, I interviewed successful authors all the time as part of my job. These authors always had so much going on and were deeply respected within their fields. They almost always worked for themselves and had diverse careers as speakers, coaches, TV personalities and more.

I wondered, “Should I write a book?”

Two years after that epiphany, my first book finally hit bookshelves. So Money: Live Rich Even When You’re Not debuted in the spring of 2008 and, as I dreamed, took on a life of its own in the very best way possible. It was featured n Glamour, Marie Claire, The Today Show, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, USA Today and more.

The book provided me an elevated platform from which I could reach new audiences and strike a diverse mix of high-profile work. It led to two more bestselling books, starring in makeover shows including Real Simple, Real Life on TLC and The Bank of Mom and Dad on soapNET, a Webby-nominated video series on Yahoo!, lucrative branding partnerships, speaking engagements across the country and a license to work from virtually anywhere (though, I still happily reside in New York!)

I went from being an overworked financial
journalist earning $18 per hour
(before taxes) to becoming a bestselling author and:

  • A leading financial expert who’s made over 100 guest appearances on the NBC Today Show, as well as ABC, CBS, Fox News, CNN and every major network and news program.
  • The host of my own TV show on CNBC, Follow the Leader.
  • A multi-platform financial expert whose advice and work spans TV, print, digital, radio and podcasts.
  • A best selling author whose written multiple books endorsed by Tony Robbins, Jim Cramer and Barbara Corcoran.
  • A highly-sought after speaker who gets paid up to $35,000 for a one-hour talk.
  • An in-demand brand partner who’s landed multiple six-figure deals with a wide variety of Fortune 500 brands and hot, startup ventures.
  • A well-paid contributor at leading publications including Money, Redbook, Glamour & Marie Claire.
  • And recently, I received the highest invitation to contribute to O, The Oprah Magazine as its resident financial columnist.


In short, I went from sitting at a desk, isolated, writing boring news articles until midnight, living in a small studio, and eating canned tuna to make ends meet… to earning millions of dollars over the years performing work that not only excites me, but that truly helps make a difference in others’ lives.

In one week, I may go from being a guest on Good Morning America, to giving a live talk in front of thousands, to interviewing Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington for my podcast.

Other days, I get to work from home…in my PJs.

And now, when people wonder how I got my start, I don’t want to just share my story.

I want to teach them.

I want to guide and mentor them.

I want to say…

You can do this, too. Here’s how.

For a limited time only, I’m inviting you be a part of my exclusive, live 2-day intensive workshop in New York City happening October 23-24.

It’s called: Book to Brand.

Oprah July 2016 issue

Stemming from the lessons shared in my 6-month coaching program and last year’s incredibly successful, inaugural workshop, I’m designing another high-impact two-day event for a very small group of select individuals.

Attendees will have demonstrated they’re ready to take their careers to the highest of heights.  They are on their way to writing an important book (or may have just published one) with a vital message that’s meant to help people. They are on their way to establishing a solid brand and a thriving business.

They just need to make inroads in a highly competitive market and be seen as the go-to experts in their fields. They need key relationships with the right influencers who will gladly help them spread the word about their message.

As an exclusive guest at my Book to Brand intensive I will to teach you everything I’ve learned about publishing a book, marketing it successfully to gain publicity and recognition and leveraging that book to elevate your career and generate more money, more influence and more fulfillment in your work.

Let me connect the dots for you.

My methods have not only worked for me, but for numerous clients and friends in just the past year.

Here’s what clients are saying…


“Within just a few months, Farnoosh’s strategies led me to a major feature on Good Morning America and a massive brand partnership worth five-figures. Her advice is worth its weight in gold. Period.”


Family Finance Expert and Forthcoming Author


“Thanks to Farnoosh, I’m now in the homestretch of my book proposal! I’m really excited about having the support and resources to get that done. Farnoosh has a genuine skill set and brings so much heart, smarts and real experience to her clients.”


Health Coach and Founder of Truce with Food

Adrienne (1)SQ

“Farnoosh has an unmatched ability to see what’s possible for you, even when you can’t. She asks powerful questions and knows exactly what opportunity to lead you towards next.”


Business Strategist and Podcast Host

“Under Farnoosh’s guidance I was able to position myself as a thought leader in my niche – helping me secure deals worth thousands.”


Millennial Money Expert, Author of The Broke and Beautiful Life

“After my book marketing consultation with Farnoosh I walked away with a focused plan of action. That plan helped take my book to #1 on Amazon in my book’s category. Farnoosh has a wealth of knowledge…I feel so fortunate to have learned from one of the best.”


Author of One Bed, One Bank Account

These are just some of the testimonials that illustrate how my tried-and-true strategies and connections can help you catapult your career as an author and leverage your author-ity to create a bigger, better and busier life. A life that’s more rewarding, personally, professionally and financially.

The Book to Brand workshop is a high-level program event where you get to interact with me one-on-one, as well as some of my expert friends, and join an intimate community of like-minded, ambitious and brilliant individuals. How intimate? I’m creating space for just 8 super-motivated rising stars.

As a workshop attendee, you will walk away learning how to launch a book successfully and elevate your brand, along with specific strategies and steps that I’ve invested $500,000 in agents, publicists, consultants and coaches – and an entire decade – to truly master.

For a limited time, if you sign up by July 31, your investment is $9,500.  After that, the event jumps to $12,000 per seat.

You know it takes money to make money and if you want to get that $100,000+ publishing deal, it’s going to take you playing BIGGER and leaning in to learn.  You can save $2,500 and hundreds of hours trying to figure this out on your own and become one of just 8 people working with me through an intensive process October 23-24.

Specifically, I will show you how to…


  • Precisely position yourself as THE top expert in your field by learning how to create and design a powerful and impressive presence online. We’ll put your home page and professional bio to the test. We’ll analyze your social media. We’ll fine-tune it all, with help from special guests, including a brand building PRO whose helped authors reach professional stardom.
  • Write a book that is not just a nice-to-have, but a MUST-have. Get specific and professional marketing feedback on how to position your book to become one of the most talked-about and read books in its genre.
  • Hit #1 on Amazon.  Receive my specific 6-month step-by-step action plan which explains how to get your book in as many hands as possible and hit #1 on Amazon in your category the week of your launch.
  • Attract massive media placement. Learn the ingredients for the most compelling media pitches that can help you secure national press while your book is in development and after. Learn what it takes to become a TV regular. Receive my road-tested guides, as well straight talk from New York’s top media producers and editors who decide who gets featured – and who doesn’t – on their platforms every day.
  • Get paid for your influence and attract lucrative brand partnerships and speaking engagements. Learn how to land these incredible opportunities and negotiate big money for yourself from New York’s top talent seekers.

As a participant, you will also receive…

  • One-on-one time with me during the workshop, as well as 2 follow-up Skype consultations within two months following the event.
  • Membership to my private Facebook community. Members include existing and new coaching clients, as well as media and publishing pros, dedicated to helping each other thrive.
  • An invitation to a private cocktail event at the workshop finale, as a way to celebrate the event and where you can mingle and meet my Inner Circle, my closest media friends and partners from top lifestyle magazines, major networks and websites. You’ll also meet my talent agent, brand partners, publicists and mentors. They all want to meet you and stay connected!

If you’re shouting “YES, I want in!” Then let’s talk very soon. I’ve yet to open up this workshop to the masses and only going through my private community and word of mouth to find my 8 VIP guests right now.

From now until July 31st, I’ll be offering a limited number of seats to friends and friends of friends. If you register between now and July 31 your investment will be $9,500, which you can choose to pay in full or installments.  Starting August 1st, the price will increase to $12,000.

When I think of some of the investments I’ve made over the years for my books and brand development:

  • Over $100,000 on professional publicity to introduce me to key media influencers and earn placement in top-tier news and media outlets…
  • $85,000+ on copywriters and editors…
  • $20,000+ on brand strategy…
  • $5,000 to learn how to score #1 placement on Amazon…
  • Tens of thousands to join Mastermind groups to engage and learn from top strategists and marketers….

This investment will pay itself off with dividends.

This workshop brings to you some of the very individuals who’ve helped me rise in my career, as well as the best tactics and current strategies to successfully market your book in an increasingly crowded and competitive market. Learn how to elevate your platform and boost your brand so you can help more people, make more money and wake up feeling more excited than ever to pursue your life’s work.

If you’re interested, please take a moment to let me know more about your current work and goals using the form below. If I think the Book to Brand workshop can benefit you, we’ll get on a call and have a friendly chat. And we can register you over the phone.

Fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch soon. 🙂

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